Lifestyle / December 24, 2020

Why Do I Need To Draw…?

As COVID-19 continues to leave us all with countless questions and unpredictable concerns about the future, we are still dealing with various impacts on ourselves, families, economies, health system, school system, and communities. How do we stay peaceful in the midst of this “unknown storm”? In a sense, the Pandemic simplified down our basic needs for: relationship, connection, and community. But most importantly, our need for feeling at peace inside of our hearts regardless of what’s going on around us!

Think about it, we might be checking the news, seeing the case numbers go up, more issues around the world….we are constantly terrified by the images and texts we see. Even though now there’s the vaccine, there are still uncertainties and doubts. It sometimes feels like unending bad news filled with fear that is unstoppable! 

This is why I’d like to propose that the use of art therapy helps bring peace to our sight, which then calms our hearts and minds. Visuals speak quite louder than we think! They spark imaginations and possibilities. We often spend our time thinking and visualizing the “what if’s” in a terrible way and left no time to visualize the potential good things that could happen. Imagine the possibilities there! 

As an Art Therapist, I often throw questions like “draw me a picture that…” or “what does that look like?”

Why do I do that?

Simply because it trains you to activate your visual language. When you’re able to visualize something and describe it, you began to see, touch, and get inside of that experience. When the visual becomes experiential, it actually touches you in a transformational way! It pushes you to think things through with a new perspective & empowers you to action!

Be encouraged to activate your visual language this holiday season!!

Think about the future you want…

The person you want to be…

Your safe place…

Your dream come true…

                                                                                                           Now…draw me a picture of that, show me what that looks like.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas Eve!