Lifestyle / January 06, 2021

Family I: Is It Okay To Talk About Problems?

Research shows that one of the many reasons there are so many dysfunctional families in the world is because we subconsciously set up many oppressed rules within our own family. 

Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Barbara Killinger mentioned that most children are taught that it is not ok to talk about problems. When not talking about problems actually promotes secrecy, and builds on keeping the family system closed. Children become less aware of their emotions toward their parents. As an individual continues to grow, such situation transforms itself into repression of negative thoughts and emotions that surface as anxiety and depression. The way many are taught to deal with their problems would be: denial and dissociating.

It’s time to get one step closer to building a healthy environment for your family! Take that step in practicing talking about the problems within our families, within our own lives. See what happens when we choose to face reality together instead of living in denial and dissociation when problems come our way.It’s so important to build a healthy environment within the family.


Let’s do this together at the beginning of this new & fresh year! Happy 2021!