Lifestyle / December 08, 2020

It’s Not Enough To Just Get Over It

Sometimes we think that it’s best to just “get over it”. What’s in the past is in the past. We can’t change the decisions we made, the actions we took and the damage/hurt we caused on others (vice versa). 

So the question is:

What should we be doing then?  if “getting over it” is not the solution…

A Clinical Psychologist, Dr.Henry Cloud mentioned as humans, we often divide our lives into: past, present, and future. We think that “getting over it” means we’re able to be present and ready to embrace the future. However, what we truly need is for our past to be exposed to light in order to experience true freedom. 

“Have your past experiences been exposed to light? 

  Have they been forgiven? Have you repented of them? 

  Have you exposed the hurt to love and light? 

  Have you grieved overland let go of hurtful things, or are we still hanging on to them? 

  We need to see our lives not as past and present, but as eternal.

  If we don’t give ourselves the chance to expose our past to the light of truth and love, 

  they remain in darkness and are still alive today, and they take a life of their own.”   

                                                                                                       -Dr.Henry Cloud

May you carry the courage today to face the light even when it hurts.