Lifestyle / January 27, 2021


Do you feel like your life always need to change in order for it to be better? 

At the same time, why is it so hard to change? 

We force ourselves to commit and try harder, but we end up staying the same. 

I’d like to propose that change begins with something deeper inside of us. When something deeper in us changes, we can repeat the same discipline and pattern that were ineffective before, it’ll suddenly start working.

The problem isn’t the circumstance, it’s our attitude towards the circumstance. 

Next time you feel the need for a CHANGE, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you need to change your situation, or change the way you respond to it?
  2. What are your expectations in this situation? Are those expectations serving you or frustrating you?
  3.  What in this situation is within your control, that you can realistically change?    
                                                -Tony Stoltzfus