Lifestyle / November 18, 2020

Be HU You Are….You’re A Person

Have you ever felt guilty for wanting to spend time just to stare into space with a cup of coffee or tea in your hand? When the guilt hits you, you begin to wonder why…and before you get deeper with that, waves of anxious thought starts to haunt your mind. So you start to do a mental check-list to make sure you’ve completed everything that needed to be done today. You immediately drop your cup of coffee or tea when you realize you forgot to put the washed clothes in the dryer. AND THEN…at the end of the day, you just feel exhausted, because you’ve been busy all day. The endless things to do on your list steals your joy. Sometimes we get stuck in those busyness in checking off everything on our daily list, that we forget to add in what I call- “ME time” on our daily list. It’s necessary, but apparently we often forget to do so, or we just don’t feel like we have “the time” to do it, and that’s because we don’t actually value it. Your body, mind, spirit needs more rest than you think!

Let me remind you of something today- You’re a person. You’re human.

You should be encouraged today to figure out ways to take care of YOU, before you try to take care of others around you and the many tasks on your plate. Never feel guilty for doing things for YOURSELF. 

Proper self care leads to a longer journey! 

You might be wondering where do I start? 

Helpful Check-in’s and reminder with SELF:

  • Be honest about your preferences and desires.
  • Don’t act like you like things other people like, just so that you will be accepted.
  • Being liked for who you are requires that you be that person. Dig deeper into getting to know yourself!
  • When you give or serve, let it be honest and purposeful.

        (Dr.Henry Cloud)